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3D Butter

Are you looking for a unique product to add to your assortment? Our 3D butter forms the centerpiece on the dining, lunch and breakfast table, especially during festive moments like Easter and Christmas. In addition to a sense of luxury, 3D butter contributes in creating a cheerful, cozy atmosphere during meals with family and friends. 

Our 3D butter can be tailored to your needs and is available in various shapes and flavours. Curious about the possibilities? We are eager to assist you! Please contact our advisor Robert for more information.

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Butter Figurines Christmas vierkant

Flatback 3D Butter

In addition to our full 3D butter we also offer flatback 3D butter. Our flatback 3D butter is specifically developed for export inquiries. The packaging is designed to offer optimal protection during transport and to efficiently deliver the product to its destination. Are you interested in discovering which product we can offer that suits your needs? We look forward to providing you with all of the information! 


  • Natural product
  • Excellent taste
  • Source of vitamins A, D and E

Product portfolio

  • Unsalted butter
  • Salted butter
  • Herb butter

Full 3D Butter options

  • Easter Bunny
  • Easter Chicken
  • Easter Lamb
  • Easter Chick
  • Easter Egg
  • Father Christmas
  • Christmas tree
  • Snowman
  • Santa on sleigh
  • Christmas bell
  • Rudolph
  • Halloween pumpkin
  • Your own design…

Flatback 3D Butter options

  • Easter Bunny
  • Christmas tree

Customised 3D Butter

  • Unique 3D Butter Designs
  • Created to suit your wishes

3D Butter Designs


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“We are happy to help you find the perfect 3D butter”

Robert Völke

Commercial Manager 3D Butter Worldwide & Ghee Europe