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Buisman Butter

With its excellent taste, reliable quality and perfect plasticity, Buisman Butter is the flagship brand of the Dutch butter industry. Traditionally made from fresh Dutch cream, Buisman Butter has been produced meticulously by our team of experienced specialists for decades.

With varieties in taste and firmness, you will find the butter of choice for any application in the extensive Buisman Butter assortment.

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Product characteristics

  • Butter: min. 82% milk fat and max. 16% moisture
  • More firm when produced in winter, softer when produced during summer
  • High quality and excellent taste throughout the year


  • Superior taste
  • High plasticity
  • Premium quality
  • All-natural product

Product portfolio

  • Dutch cow’s milk butter
  • Organic butter
  • Meadow milk butter
  • Goat's milk butter

Product varieties

  • Lactic butter, sweet cream butter or salted butter
  • Soft summer butter with moderately firm texture
  • Hard winter butter with firm texture
  • Extra hard winter butter with very firm texture

Packaging options

  • 25kg cartons
  • Smaller sizes are available on request


Churned butter can be used for many applications. Curious what product we can offer for your application? Contact our advisors!

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