Royal VIVBuisman

Packaging Possibilities

In addition to our comprehensive portfolio of over 100 unique products we are passionate in developing tailor made solutions with our customers.

This especially apllies to our private label consumer and food service products, where we can repack butter in a wide range of different packagings and sizes, including bricks, bars, tins and tubs.

Butter from cow’s milk, goat’s milk, certified meadow or organic butter, we can provide it all in the range of 100g to 1.000g.

Are you interested in the packing options for your products? Please contact our advisor Robert! 

Innovation Studio

In our Innovation Studio we can co-develop new recipes based on the great taste of Royal VIVBuisman, but specific to your needs.

Do you have a specific butter flavour or texture in mind? Please contact our advisor. 

Certified Products

Thanks to our supply chain flexibility it is possible to segregate raw materials with different origins and certifications.

Please let us know in case you have requirements in halal, organic, kosher, meadow milk, VLOG, goat or any other specific butter & milk fat products.

Interested in all the certificates we have obtained? 


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“Your products, made by us”

Robert Völke

Commercial Manager 3D Butter Worldwide & Ghee Europe