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Buisman Texturised Butter

Royal VIVBuisman can offer butter that is consistent throughout the year, no more surprises in texture, firmness, taste and melting temperature. Made by design through a recombination of milk fat and buttermilk, Buisman texturised butters are perfect for applications that require consistency in specific dropping points and/or product texture.

Buisman Texturised butter comes in three standard varieties that we would gladly finetune to your specific needs.

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Product characteristics

  • Butter: min. 82.0% milk fat and max. 16% moisture
  • Products' dropping points customised for specific applications
  • Products' structures modified for specific applications


  • Premium quality
  • Adapted to the application
  • Standard product varieties can be tailor made for optimal processing
  • Natural product

Product portfolio

  • Buisman Texturised Butter Croissant 36°C
  • Buisman Texturised Butter 33°C
  • Buisman Texturised Butter Crème 28°C
  • Buisman Texturised Butter Exclusive: adjusted to your needs

Packaging options

  • 10kg blocks wrapped in foil
  • 4x 2,5kg blocks wrapped in foil


Opposed to the versatility of traditional churned butter, texturised butter is specifically developed with a single application in mind. Whether the butter should be firm and plastic in order to make world-class puff pastry, or whether it should be softer and more creamy, Buisman Texturised Butter can be exactly what you need it to be. 

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